Building a Better Web Conferencing Experience

Building a Better Web Conferencing Experience


"Opened up WebConCentral this week and remembered instantly why it's my favorite web conferencing app. Delightful."


Meet Your TeleConferencing & Web Conferencing Solution

Meet Your Teleconference Services

Our teleconferencing system runs on newer, advanced equipment that allows you to manage your conference calls thoroughly and reliably. Our call center is staffed with professionally trained English Spanish and French conference operators.

This is our Toll Free Reservation-less Teleconferencing service. International Toll Free access is also available, enabling participants from abroad to dial-in at no charge to them.

With teleconferencing, you have the following controls:

  • Dial out to one or more participants and join them to the call.
  • Place participants in listen only mode so you are the only one who can speak.
  • Mute or un-mute your own line. If you are not speaking you may wish to use this feature to eliminate any interface or background noise.
  • Lock your teleconference so no one else can join. This ensures confidentiality of your calls.
  • End the conference call by disconnecting all lines.
  • Get a count of how many participants are on the call.
  • Hear a recording of the participants’ name as they enter the conference.
  • Reach an operator for help.

Participants have two touch-tone commands available to them:

  • Mute and un-mute their own line. This prevents background noise from disturbing the conference.
  • Reach an operator for help.

Advantages of Our Web Conferencing System


Built Solid

We are a very focused team intent on producing a top performing collaboration tool. The technologies and approaches we have used to build Web Conferencing Central have taken more time, but have yielded a better, more stable tool for your business.

Truly Fast Performance

When you are sharing your content to participants in a meeting you want them to be “on the same page” with you at all times. Due to our unique multi-mode intelligent engine, the system adjusts continually to what kind of images/content you are sharing, always maintaining impressive speed.

Intuitive Controls

Web Conferencing Central is not full of tiny little icons with obscure functions. Its easy to figure out and use. And if you do need help, we are happy to show you how to accomplish what you need to in meetings.

More Flexibility

Since we dont require lock-in contracts, you can add or subtract capacity on the system to match your real needs, and at a cost that is usually a 70% savings.

All the Functions in One Package

All the Web Conferencing Features & Functions in One Package

Application Sharing

3 ways to share content:


  1. Share one application/window, with the system following you to others you open
  2. Share your entire desktop
  3. Share only a certain application, allowing you to open others without attendees seeing them

Make Someone Else the Presenter


Need to share control of the meeting so they can present? Simply click on PASS PRESENTER to yield the control of your meeting to someone else.

Show Webcam Video


Add personality to your presentations by showing video of yourself in small or large modes.


Attendees see you while they see your content.

Voice Over Web/VOIP

Broadcast your voice through computer speakers.

Remote Control

While sharing your screen, you may choose to give someone control of your computer. Likewise, gain control of applications on other computers when they grant you access.


You can lead your attendees through websites, giving them the ability to interact, click on links, or view web video independently.


Make recordings of what you do and say in meetings for later playback


Need to make a group decision quickly? Polling allows you to compose a question on the spot, conduct a survey, and display an instant tally of results.

Draw and Annotate

You can make freehand drawings, add text or give drawing capabilities to others in meetings.

Send Attendees to Your URL at Meeting’s End

Create an “exit lobby” by auto-sending attendees to your website when meeting is over.

Web Conference Prices: Pricing Plans For Any Budget


Performance and value is what we’re about. Choose from a variety of our Web Conference Prices & Plans that suit your need and enjoy one of the best web conferencing system in the world:



  • 100 Attendees Capacity
  • 3 Concurrent Meetings
  • 5 Meeting Host Logins
  • Webinar Organizer, Form Builder, and More

Powerful Collaboration Tools Under Your Company’s Brand


Partner with us to Benefit from all the features for your web conference with Web Conferencing Central. Our application is all about sharing, so we decided to share it in a way that what we do gets extended out to re-sellers, makers of other applications and even companies that are into having everything under their name.

Basic features include:

  1. A URL you own
  2. The system runs completely off of that URL.
  3. It can also be integrated into your application.
  4. Full set of functions including fast screen sharing, video of presenter, remote control, pass presenter, recordings and more.
  5. Up and running within hours.

We think its good business to work with other creative teams and ideas. So if you have a product or a market that could use lower cost collaboration tools (that work extremely well), just give us a call and we’ll give you a full demo and pricing that allows you to profit nicely from your efforts.

An example of a simple partner site is below, but much more can be done.

Call Kevin Nelson at 949 939 9372 for a full demonstration.

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